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 The Nest Learning Thermostat

‘It’s time to rethink your heating system. The Nest Learning Thermostat is a programmer and thermostat in one. It learns your schedule to program itself, turns down the heat when you’re away and can be controlled from your mobile. See how much heat you used over the last ten days and get an Energy Report every month to track and manage your energy use.

The original smart thermostat is now on its third generation, and as part of Google’s extended family offers unrivalled looks and a unique learning proposition that adapts uniquely to the way you use your home’s heating.

With a motion detector, three temperature sensors, and a humidity gauge Nest monitors whether you’re home and how warm you like it, and creates a unique heating schedule, which, assuming they get it right, should mean never needing to manually adjust the thermostat.

Aside from its ability to learn how you live, Nest offers full remote control via the slick app and unrivalled connectivity to other smart gadgets, not least the Nest Protect and Nest cam. Nest automatically turns itself down when nobody’s home to help you save energy and depending on the type of boiler you use, can now control the hot water tank as well as the heating.

Nest  Learning Thermostat video

Nest Protect



The Nest Protect is an innovative combination of a Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm, meaning you can be protected from two dangers by just one device. The friendly, human voice of the Nest Protect gives you an early warning as to whether smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, and where in your house.

Thinks, before it speaks.

Nest Protect has a friendly human voice that gives you an early warning. That way you can handle burning toast before it becomes a burning toaster.

Tells you where the danger is.

And when one speaks, they all speak. So the alarm in your bedroom can tell you there’s smoke downstairs.


Plus heating systems can cause carbon monoxide leaks or spread smoke through your home in a fire. In an emergency, Nest Protect tells your Nest Thermostat to turn off the heat to keep the danger from spreading.

Nest Protect video


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